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Fantastic Wings, Wings, Wings

Hello, and welcome to my website.. I am getting ready to kick off yet another year of Fantastic Fairy wings for all occasions, I have been working very hard to stock up for the season. I have many new colors to offer, so be sure to see All of my pics and my Ebay store..

My Ebay store


Many colors to choose from I custom make my wings in 5 different sizes

Ex small-Newborn 12" X 12"

Small-2' 3" feet tall X 2' 2" wide 

Medium- 2' 7" feet tall X 3' wide

Teen- 4'feet tall X 3' 7" wide

 Ex Large- over 4' 6" tall X over 4' feet wide


All of MY wings are constructed with the Best fabrics...Beautiful Sparkle Organza's, Iridescent Lame's and Fantastic opalescents


They are soft and elegant, I use a special technique to give them there exquisite Ruffle boarder, They are like no others.

The amazing butterfly/fairy brace slips down the back of the inside of your clothing and ties with elastic around your chest for extra support.

You can not see the wire, the fabric wing slips onto the wire brace and hangs freely...They work best with a snug top or you can simply slip them into the back of your bra,

you should be able to dance, jump, sit, and run and they will stay in place...You'll love them and attract plenty of attention when wearing them.


Wings ship as soon as payment clears and

color is selected

I would like to Thank all my customers (New and my very appreciated return customers) I try very hard to meet all your needs so if there is a specific color you are interested in, and don't see it listed, Please ask! I can get most colors




Please get in touch to offer comments and to order specific colors or fabrics

You can e-mail us at:

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